Roswell Advertising Company Professionals Consider the Influence of Big Data

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Web Design

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When it comes to local Roswell advertising company initiatives, executives are not only involved in attracting customers via online searches, but they are also experiencing some soul searching themselves. With the amount of big data that is floating through the clouds, ad execs sometimes feel conflicted. Is the valuation they are adding to content helpful or are they a bit delusional in their quest?


However, they need not remain doubtful, as the U.S. is experiencing a dramatic shift in the advertising and marketing landscape. Roswell advertising company objectives, therefore, must continue to provide content that is substantive as well as make use of the self-expressive tools offered by social media channels on the web.


Social Media Sharing


Fortunately, Roswell advertising company goals are being realized through the analytics that are provided through online response rates and social media sharing goals. The history behind advertising and marketing has mainly been a history that has combined artwork and copy that has drawn a large consumer base. Today, the Internet is being used to fuel the needs of direct market advertisers and brand marketing professionals online in the same way.


The Value of Social Media


That’s why Roswell advertising company professionals know the value of social media to the direct advertising and brand marketing community. While privacy and sharing are both important, most people want to share their lives and product and service discoveries online. Brand manufacturers and direct marketers who understand the importance of this type of advertising have already gained a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Unlock your Brand’s Identity or Message Online


Social marketing or engagement has proven to be, among Roswell advertising company professionals, to be a successful way to unlock brands and develop a following online. Advertisers also obtain a more substantial ROI by using Facebook or Twitter to magnetize their products or services to a specific customer base.


However, while engagement is fine, you also need to track the response rate. Roswell advertising company specialists know the importance of analytics in reaching a customer base. While the number of “likes” or “followers” does import some impact, it still is essential to keep track of bounce rates to your site and to see how your pay-per-click initiatives are working for you, too.


A Bright Future is Unfolding for Advertisers and Marketers Online


Fortunately, in this age of big data, performance brand marketing is coming into an exciting time where statistics and algorithms can be used to measure and manage a brand. Social web technologies such as Hadoop or Cassandra can be paired with advanced analytics that make use of semantic analysis and natural language processing for advertising and marketing on the Internet. Indeed, the future looks promising for the advertisers who use the tools that are available for engagement and tracking online.


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