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Buying a Rackmount KVM Drawer

Setting up a kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) is not easy. You will need a lot of heavy equipment, including rack-mount drawers to support different modules. A kernel-based virtual machine is a virtualization infrastructure that can be turned into a hypervisor. In February 2007, it was combined with the Linux kernel mainline. A lot of powerful […]

The origin of the verb “to monitor” is the Latin word “monit” –meaning to warn. Thus, a monitor is basically someone or a device that watches over or listens to something. It could be a TV receiver viewing the output from a TV or video camera; or, an audio speaker used to hear what sound is being recorded; meaning that it is observing and maintaining surveillance over a period of time. This, in a way, is what the monitor for your computer is actually doing since it shows you on a screen what actions are being performed inside the computer.


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