Month: April 2012

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Windows vs Linux Unix based hosting server

When it comes to web hosting every company or private entity arrives at one simple question – Which server should be considered as an option? Out of the many potential servers available, it always narrows down to two – Windows and Linux. And many find it quite a...

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Web Fusion Review

Originally founded in 1997, WebFusion is a part of GX Networks Ltd. (runs one the most extensive communications networks in the UK), and is famously recognized as one of the pioneers in the web hosting industry of UK. They have catered to this industry for more than a...

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Web Hosting Pad is a company formed in 2005 and has effectively catered to the web hosting industry since then. They consist of a powerful and experienced team that offers apt and precise web hosting solutions to all customers. Moreover, they have a web hosting...

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Web Hosting Buzz Review

Web Hosting Buzz is an established company in the field of web hosting. Formed in 2002, this company has provided suitable infrastructure to many networking connections, hosted over 300,000 websites and over hundreds of servers to date. They are a privately owned...

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