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How To Choose Fiber Internet Service Providers In Africa

How To Choose Fiber Internet Service Providers In Africa

The economic growth in Africa has brought international companies into different countries throughout the continent, as well as triggered the expansion of national companies and local businesses.

With this increase in economic and business growth, the need for reliable internet services in urban areas, industrial areas, and in remote areas for mining, exploration, petroleum, construction and even the development of a robust agricultural sector has become a critical component.

Providing this reliable and dependable internet connectivity has largely been through VSAT satellite technology in the past. Today, in many areas, internet over fiber is available, offering faster speeds, greater data transfer capabilities and a world-class level of service and connectivity.

Choosing A Provider

The key for any business looking for internet over fiber in any country is to choose from the top fiber internet service providers. In every country, there will be local providers as well as those operating on a global level.

Ideally, choosing established fiber internet service providers offering services throughout Africa is the best option. This prevents having to work with multiple local service providers, which often results in much lower reliability levels and increased complications for troubleshooting and system management.

The established providers also have a significant existing infrastructure in fiber optic cable. As this is a costly technology, smaller companies offering fiber over the internet are often hesitant to add services into new locations, and may not have the capacity to manage longer microwave links to provide dependable service.

Take the time to review the performance and the reliability of any fiber internet service providers under consideration. Look specifically at their reputation within the country in Africa where the business or company is located. International companies should also have local teams in the area to provide support, maintenance on the system and assistance with setup and troubleshooting for the business.

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