Increase Your Real Estate Business with One Simple Solution

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Computer & Internet

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Are you ready to streamline your real estate business? As a real estate broker you fully understand all of the tasks required to fully accomplish a single real estate transactionThere are many people, contacts, coworkers and vendors that you need to keep up with concerning each and every transaction you endeavor to complete.When you use a cloud-based transaction management solution it can help you manage workflows, share, store and e-sign documents for your real estate business. This type of program allows you to create brokerage and invite agents to participate and join. Once they have all joined it will be easy to manage and review each and every transaction file from those agents. If you prefer, you can also create transactions on behalf of your agents or for yourself.

Would You Like to Set Up Your Own Compliance Templates?

When using a cloud-based transaction management solution you will be able to create compliance templates for agents to follow. This can include customized tasks along with documents that agents are expected to follow in your specified order for every transaction. You can also require that documents and tasks are to be flagged so you can review them before any agents mark them as being completed. This option will give you the peace of mind you need, with the understanding that your agents are following required processes.

Review and Audit at Your Convenience

You will also have the ability to review and audit the details of an agent’s documents and transactions. The moment an agent flags tasks or documents you will receive notification. At this point you can then review, approve or disapprove documents. You also have the ability to add comments. The cloud-based transaction management solutions you use will also store a comprehensive conversation log of your comments for any particular document. The same documents can also be blocked for version control so agents cannot mark a compliance document or task as being finished until it has been officially approved by you.

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