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Mistakes People Make With Wireless Network Setup

Mistakes People Make With Wireless Network Setup

Wireless network setup and devices put to shame the lengthy wirings and the hassle associated with it. However, they are prone to some mistakes on the users’ end. As a result, they are often subjected to some connectivity and setup failures that prevent them from being as useful. Here are the four common mistakes made when setting up a wireless network.

Not adhering to the manuals

Wireless network connection users often make the fundamental mistake of throwing away the user manual which contains all the guidelines about setup and installation. Also, they often rely on their self management skills and ignore the step-by-step instructions.

You don’t check your computer firewall

Many people complain about their wireless network settings not being received by the computers. The bad configuration of firewall is often the reason why your wireless network connection is being denied by the computer.

Using general passwords

Default passwords for the wireless network are very similar and common in an area and undoubtedly, people can guess them as you setup your router for use. This will definitely hamper your connection strength and also increases the chances of invasion of unwanted network users in your system. A strong password is always recommended for a wireless network setup.

Keeping your router behind a dense wall

The signal strength of your wireless network is affected by the density of the bricks inside the walls. So, if the router is placed behind one, chances are, you won’t be getting strong signals on your mobile devices on the other side.

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