Why Responsive Web Design In Oakleigh Is Essential

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Web Design

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Most people have heard the terms responsive web design in Oakleigh, but may not know what it means or why it’s important. In essence, it is a single site that works perfectly for mobile, desktop/laptop, and tablet devices. Most company owners have a desktop-compatible website and may even have a mobile internet site, as well, but haven’t given thought to tablets and other devices. While you can have different sites for each, it may be better to consolidate into one web design system in Oakleigh with the help of Tyranny Web Design & SEO.

Future Plans

If you’re in the process of overhauling the site, it makes sense to go ahead and focus on responsive designs. You’ll be able to make changes across the board and for all devices in one fell swoop, giving you more control and taking up less of your time.

However, if you haven’t made the decision to make significant changes, you can be leaning toward putting it off. It may be okay to do so for a bit and go with your mobile version, but a redesign may be more suitable and help you keep up with the times.

Tablets Are Different

Most consumers and company owners don’t realise the important differences between smartphones and tablets. They believe them to be one and the same when they’re not. People who choose to peruse websites with a tablet have unique needs, and your site should reflect such.

For example, people may use desktops to browse for products or do some research. When using a smartphone, they want instant gratification and prefer click-to-call, and one-touch ordering. Tablets are a middle ground and could be used for various things, including reading a blog, window-shopping online, and getting information about products, meaning now is the time to start preparing for the future and be accessible to more potential customers.

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