Windows vs Linux Unix based hosting server

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Web Hosting

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When it comes to web hosting every company or private entity arrives at one simple question – Which server should be considered as an option?

Out of the many potential servers available, it always narrows down to two – Windows and Linux. And many find it quite a difficult task to take their pick. To ease you off the topic, Windows and Linux are almost on par with their services.

Windows hosting servers usually have an expensive set up, despite this fact; the Windows hosting package has a reasonable rate which in turn acts as a plus point for web hosting.

Many have a preconceived notion that since a computer runs on windows application, a Windows server should be the first preference. But this is not the case. As both Windows as well as Linux hosting servers support these applications, you can access your email account via control panels or FTP accounts from either Windows or Linux comfortably without facing any problem.

A person with an in-depth inclination towards web hosting and its features would know that, Linux at any time runs at a better speed in comparison to Windows. And if performance is of prime importance to a company, then this would play a pivotal role in decision-making!

Windows based server hosting makes optimising your website an easier task, thereby increasing business prospects with a horde of features that’ll help in reaching out to customers, market tools for website promotion, website visibility etc.

But when it comes to hosting servers and its features, Windows and Linux are levelled. Choosing between these reliable servers will chiefly depend upon the priority and the nature of your work. Reportedly, developers are improvising on the performance and other security features of both these servers, giving their customers a win-win situation!

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