What features to look for in “Control Panel”?

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Web Hosting

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When it comes to handling your email accounts or your website domains, the control panel is a very effective management tool which consists of convenient and user friendly interface that facilitates easy browsing, managing and monitoring your website.

A control panel improves the maintenance standards of your website, as you can regularly change features in your website and keep it updated. Customised control panels are also a handy tool to the user as they provide immense help in email configuration, creating mailing lists, email forwarding, mailing accounts, accessing server logs, and maintaining your entire database.

The essential features that one must look out for while selecting control panels are-

  • Additional disk space – Increase in your disk space to maximize storage capacity.
  • Additional bandwidth – To transfer maximum or even unlimited data to other accounts on your server.
  • File Manager – To upload files and download files from your website upon requirement. This independent program also has a user friendly interface.
  • FTP account management – Set up your own FTP accounts and access them.
  • Web statistical analysis –Thorough statistical log of all your website functions.
  • Domain Handling –Manage and control sub domains and multiple domains for clients as well as colleagues.
  • Error Log – With this feature you can locate all the files that are misplaced or lost from your website. Files can now be identified easily.
  • Some famous control panel software which are widely used around the world are cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Kloxo, H-sphere and Cortex.

  • Needless saying, Control panels are designed to make it easier to organise, manage and maintain website data and emails. An extremely user-friendly interface control panel will play an effective role in your website functioning; that’s sure.


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