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What Is A Video Surveillance System?

What Is A Video Surveillance System?

4446430_lA video surveillance system in Chicago is used to monitor any type of activity within the home, a business or a public area, the activity taking place can be viewed in real time or it can be recorded for viewing at a later time. Depending on the complexity of the installation some of these systems even include audio. These systems are being installed anywhere where an extra layer of security is desired.

There are a number of different types of systems and an equal number of levels of sophistication. It has been shown time and time again that a well placed surveillance camera is a powerful deterrent to crime. All night shops, liquor stores, gas stations, fast food drive-through windows and ATMs are  only a few of the places and establishments where one might expect to see surveillance cameras installed. In the event these cameras do not deter a crime and a determined criminal goes about his nasty business a surveillance system in Chicago that is coupled to a recording device can provide crucial evidence to the police, in many cases it is the surveillance tape that leads the police directly to the criminal, without the tape the criminal would certainly have gotten away with the crime.

Effective security for a home starts on the front porch or even at the entrance to the driveway or walk. The surveillance camera is trained on the points of easy access; they relay the image of the approaching individual on a monitor in the home. This is a great security feature for those in the home as they know in advance whether they should open the door to the approaching individual or not.

One reason for a video surveillance system is to act as a deterrent against crime but not every installation is intended to be so obvious. There are times when clandestine surveillance is the preference. A good example of this is what people call “nanny cams,” these are cameras which are installed in the home so that the behavior of those inside can be monitored and recorded outside. These systems are value when the homeowner wishes to keep his eye on the bay-sitter or the child’s nanny without being observed.

It is not just homeowners wanting to keep an eye on things at home, a video surveillance system in Chicago is equally at home in a large department store where unobtrusive cameras are used to nab shoplifters.

It is hard to over state the equipment that is available for surveillance, there is a system for every need and every budget. Browse the site alertprotective.com for more information.

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