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by | Aug 21, 2012 | Web development software‎

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A Password management tool, also known as password management software, helps people using it save time as well as securing their personal information and keeping their online interactions safe. The software plays the role of a storage device that stores both usernames and passwords. A password management program logs in users automatically into their accounts with refined hard to crack passwords.

Enhanced Password Management
The software is designed in a way that the password manager is protected behind a master password that is only allocated to you. The benefits associated with using a password management tool will include the ability to automatically log in accounts without the use of a keyboard. This is important, especially if a key logger is in use. This type of software also can store correct URL’s to prevent entering of phishing websites.

Managing Form Information
If you want to use forms, the password management tool can automatically enter your information such as email, phone number, address, and name. Companies that have created password tools have incorporated virtual keyboards that mask the keystrokes preventing outsiders from seeing what you are typing. These applications have made it possible for people to add their new account information directly to their account database automatically and instantaneously.

Secure Storage
Users operating this type of software are able to store any other type of information they may need secured such as bank account numbers, passport information, safe combinations, and social security numbers, among others. The manager in some cases will also offer other services like software licenses, along with expiration alerts which alert you when you are required to change your account password.

Password Management Features
Password management apps are user-friendly especially to people who lack computer skills, but are made in a way secure enough to safeguard their information from hackers by ensuring the information is encrypted. If you want to secure a good password management tool, you need to look out for various features including easy tool set-up and enhanced security.

Program Setup and Security Measures
A proper management tool offers applications that help you to properly manage your login information. The application setup helps you save your personal data, credit card info, and will even let you print out copies in order to save them as backups. When you are looking for a password information program, you need to look for one that offers at least military grade security plus strong encryption algorithms that protect your information from phishing attempts and hackers. offer password management software and prompt customer support to help you make the most of your resources with effective cloud based password management tools.

CloudAccess Identity and Access Management have comprehensive capabilities for setting, monitoring and managing enterprise password policies.

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