Options for Illuminated Monument Signs

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Web Design

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When it comes to street advertising illuminated monument signs are the most visible that you can find. Generally they are installed close to the ground and should face the road so that motorists and pedestrians can see them clearly. The sign is freestanding and detached but is attached to a structural frame or a base that is solid. These signs can be illuminated internally or externally and they are the perfect signage for directing traffic to your place of business. They should be made from materials that can withstand nature regardless of the weather and they tend to come in a variety of sizes as well as shapes.

When you think about installing this kind of signage you want to ensure that it represents your business or your facility adequately. These types of signs are excellent for multiple tenant complexes, commercial plazas, HOA’s and Churches. There are several options available to anyone looking to commission illuminated monument signs.

* Aluminum is used to make monument signs. Such signs can have a texture that is stucco or smooth and they can also be painted in the colors of your company.

* Form is another material used to make monument signs. The sign is made from urethane foam which is a high density form that can last long and allows for custom accents as well as texturing. In fact, many people looking at the sign would not be able to tell that it was made of foam.

* Stone or brick is the other material that can be used to make this kind of sign. This works well for clients who like a natural look to their signage. This sign is built using cement with bricks or stone.

When it comes to having your illuminated monument signs made there are several factors that contribute to the cost. One of those is the size of it. It is important that you first find out from the city if there are any restrictions on the size of the sign you can have. When it comes to costing it goes without saying that the larger the sign the more you will spend. Another consideration is whether the sing is double or single sided and finally, if you will use dimensional letters or vinyl decals. It is important that you find a company that will do a good job for you. If they can design it, fabricate and also install your sign the better.

There are various options available when it comes to illuminated monument signs. Find out what they are so you can select what works for you.

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