Using a Low Cost Dedicated Server as an Alternative to in-House Server Technology

by | Feb 21, 2014 | Web Hosting

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10237677_mWorking and living in the current age of connected technology, it is virtually impossible to successfully operate a business without embracing certain technological concepts within the work place. One particular innovation that is growing in popularity among corporate America is that of cloud computing.

With cloud computing, you are distributing your data storage and computing work load across the internet, greatly reducing the amount of work load on your computers while providing major performance enhancements without having to purchase a lot of costly new hardware.

If your business operates with sensitive information, or you are otherwise concerned with the security of your business related data, then you may have some issues with mainstream cloud computing. Not to worry though, because there is a solution out there specifically tailored to fitting your needs.

In the past, secure data processing meant spending a lot of money on purchasing an in house server. Today however, cloud computing has made it possible for you to lease a low cost dedicated server from an internet based cloud service provider. Now, instead paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have that server installed in your own building, you can pay a low monthly service fee for the same results.

There are two major differences that you may also want to consider when leasing a low cost dedicated server for cloud computing:

1. There is no server installed in your facility since you are connecting to the cloud via the Internet.
2. Since the dedicated server is on site with the service provider, all technical support issues are handled by them, often at no additional cost or effort on your part.

Add to these two major benefits, the fact that utilizing a dedicated cloud server means that all of your information is kept private and confidential, and this may be exactly the solution you are looking for. While this may not be the most ideal solution for every business, it is most certainly worth a look. For more information on dedicated server hosting or any other cloud related service, it is recommended that you contact a professional such as JaguarPC for more information.

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