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The wrong business hosting plans could sink your business!

The wrong business hosting plans could sink your business!

5178624_lWebsite problems can infuriate an internet business owner like nothing else can. A brick and mortar shop will function as long as it doesn’t burn down, but a website is fragile in comparison. Even a beginning business should do some research before entrusting their business to just any web hosting company.

If customers see ‘website down’ messages, it costs the owner more than just that sale. Potential future sales have probably been lost also. It has an immediate and negative impact on the customer’s view of the business. Calls to the customer service department of an inexperienced hosting company will probably result in tales of needed maintenance (at 3 p.m.?) or power outages in East Nowhereville. An account credit for the downtime is not even close to adequate payment for the lost business. The web hosting company needs to have the right equipment and people to keep websites online.

Business owners are also unhappy when their websites are too slow. A good hosting service will offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. A customer won’t wait long for a slow-loading page. In the past, some companies have had problems with hosting services that limited bandwidth during peak hours. If a web hosting company has been in business for years that indicates they provide reliable service.

Moving a website from one hosting service to another can be a hassle and cause significant and expensive downtime. The best way to avoid that is to start with an experienced web hosting service able to handle the needs of a growing business. Their customer service/tech support must be experienced and available 24/7.

JaguarPC has been in business since 1998. They started with only two servers and now have thousands. They have consistently been highly ranked by peers and customers, almost doubling their client base annually. Fast growth has not diminished the quality of service provided to clients. Everyone has security concerns which they address with cutting edge technology and full compliance to PCI DSS rules. All of their clients have access to an enormous open forum where they can discuss issues and concerns or simply chat. The company has business hosting plans designed to meet the requirements of both growing and established businesses. Any business should give serious consideration to using JaguarPC to host their website.

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