4 Ways That Managed Servers Add Value

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Web Hosting

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There is a cost to using a managed server. However, simply looking at the cost of the server and the additional features you select is not the only aspect to consider. There are value-added considerations when choosing managed servers that can have a short and long term benefit to your business.
Before writing off the option of managed servers, take the time to consider how these added benefits, advantages and savings will add to your business and to the end-user experience on the website.

Saves Time

By using a managed server, you don’t have to spend the time in monitoring, maintaining and upgrading your system. This is a complex task, and with the managed option the hosting company will constantly scan and maintain the system, preventing system downtime and ensuring optimal performance with no demands on your IT staff.

Saves Costs

A server that goes down costs you money. There is the issue of lost revenue, but there is also damage to your reputation and the possibility that your customers will go to the next company on the search engine results and not return.

Adds Security

With managed servers, the hosting service will maintain the firewall, anti-virus and email security systems on the server. Additionally, since it is dedicated, there is no risk of someone else on the server posing a security risk to your site or your site’s reputation.

Adds Reliability

Unless your IT team is familiar with maintaining and monitoring a server, there will be times when the system is down. This may just be for a few minutes, or it may be for much longer.

Working with a top hosting company with 24/7 tech support ensures that you always have the assistance needed to address any issues and the expertise to get your website back up and running without any delays.

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