Key Strengths of Having a Managed Web Hosting Company

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Web Hosting

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A managed web hosting company provides a solution in which a dedicated web host provider manages servers for their customers. This type of hosting is widely used by businesses that don’t have the resources and personnel to maintain a server on their premises. It has become a popular choice among many medium-sized companies that have experienced rapid growth and expansion.

Advantages of a Managed Web Hosting Company
Businesses that outsource web hosting to third-party providers find there are a number of benefits. One of the biggest advantages is they will maintain equipment and deal with technical issues. The hosting business will supply the necessary service to ensure continual and sustained functioning of the server at all times. Additionally, most also offer frequent backups along with restoration if necessary. As the client grows, they can be supplied with additional servers to meet their expansion needs.

Shared Web Hosting
For smaller businesses and websites, leasing a server that’s dedicated might be an unnecessary expense. This is especially true if they have low traffic volume or don’t require enhanced security to protect their data. A shared web hosting solution is an effective and inexpensive option for most small websites. This type of hosting arrangement involves a server that caters to multiple websites collectively. As most servers today are quite powerful, they have the sufficient resources and bandwidth to host a number of sites with ease.

Dedicated Web Hosting
Websites dealing with sensitive information, along with those receiving a significant amount of traffic are more suitable for dedicated and managed web hosting. In this scenario, the website doesn’t share a server with other sites as its dedicated specifically for their individual use. A managed server includes having administration and management taken care of by the hosting provider. As managing a web host can be time-consuming involving constant maintenance and updates, it’s often less expensive to have a third-party provider handle everything.

Making a Comparison
Before making a decision as to whether you should go with shared or managed web hosting, it pays to weigh both sides carefully. If your website is continuously growing and you expect future expansion, the managed solution is usually the best option. For smaller businesses, a shared web hosting service will probably meet all needs easily. Shared web hosting additionally is significantly less costly. Finally, another important factor is that a managed web hosting company offers a number of security features and safeguards not present when using regular hosting plans.

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