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A Poorly Designed Website can be worse than no Website at all

A Poorly Designed Website can be worse than no Website at all

With by far the majority of the population now using the Internet to conduct their shopping, having a great website is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity. As a consumer, you have doubtless landed on certain home pages that made you want to leave immediately. Occasionally, due to poor design, a landing page is far too complicated, contains far too much text, and is impossible to navigate. If this is true for your company, you would be better off not having a website at all.

Just as with any kind of advertising, proper design makes an enormous difference. It’s unlikely that the lay-person in your office, even if they’re excellent at IT, is the right person to design the image of your company. This is when you would be advised to contact professional web design services for your Richardson business.

Getting professional advice

All the experts will tell you that a truly good website will help grow your business at an exponential rate. For a start, if you have a great site and your customers have a really good experience – which usually means that your site will be easy to navigate and they’ll find what they need quickly – it is estimated that 18% of them will tell their friends about your business. This, in itself, is reason enough to deal with a marketing design company that will be able to assist you to get your website to a standard of excellence.

Not all websites look the same, but you might want to look at other sites, including those of your competitors, before you begin to have yours designed. Marketing companies will probably tell you that hotel websites tend to be the most successful, while banks have the least success, Perhaps this has to do with the graphics that hotels use, while banks might fall back on too much copy filled with jargon and fine print – something that customers loathe. You’ll quickly discover that there is a formula for a winning site. Lots of white space is attractive to a reader, while too much information can be overpowering. Should you want to sell a product, having clear descriptions and prices will help people to compare easily and make quick decisions.

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