Why PHP Programming is preferred over other Programming Languages

by | Nov 21, 2011 | Web development software‎

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PHP programming is used for the purpose of general scripting. It is a language which was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1995 and over the years it has been on a continuous development. PHP was originally an abbreviation for Personal Home Page. Rasmus used it to manage his resume and keep a track of the amount of internet traffic that his web page was attracting.

Advantages of PHP

Open Source language
One of the biggest advantages of PHP programming is that it is a language of open source. It is the greatest benefit that has elevated this language over others as it can be freely downloaded. This is also the reason of its high demand in the market, worldwide.

Higly User-friendly
The second greatest benefit that this language has is that it is highly user-friendly in comparison with other languages such as C, C++, Asp.net and classic ASP. It is preferred by most business houses as it helps in attracting a large amount of traffic to their websites. It has a certain edge over the other languages and helps businesses in several ways.

Extremely Resourceful
PHP Programming is very resourceful in the sense that it can be used on almost all servers and several operating systems like Linux, Max and Windows. Database servers function perfectly with this language which further add to its popularity.

Manage Several Databases
Another function of PHP is that it can be used to manage scores of databases hence one of the aspects of this language is database management. This again makes it highly favourable for web developers.

Today PHP programming is used on a wide scale throughout the world and has been installed on almost 20% of internet domains. It has definitely changed the face of the web with its simplicity and flexibility.

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