What is meant by comparable printer cartridge?

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Computers

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Modern printers, whether they are inkjet or laser store the ink in a cartridge, it is this ink, both black and color that allows the user to complete his or her document for presentation. All printers use a cartridge which is compatible with the model; these cartridges are both made by and supplied by the printer manufacturer or by others who produce third party cartridges which work as well.

Every printer made has its own compatible printer cartridges although the manufacturer may use the same cartridges across a range of printers. Cartridges are rarely, if ever cross compatible between brands. Most of the companies that manufacture printers also manufacture the cartridges that are compatible with the model. Although there are printers that use a single cartridge as well as printers that use four, most use two; one cartridge is for black ink and the other produces color.

Printer cartridges are a common after sale product that is sold by the same retailers that sell the printers. Printers are often found in stores that sell electronic goods such as computers, Smartphones and cameras but they are also available, usually at a lesser price from “big box” stores or mass merchandisers. Printer cartridges, both new and unused or refilled are readily available online as well as at local shops.

As much as printer manufacturers want you to purchase replacement cartridges from them, many people opt to purchase cartridges which are aftermarket product manufactured by third parties. These third party manufacturers zero in on the most common cartridges; they do not manufacture all the various cartridges that are used by every printer manufacturer. Aftermarket cartridges are less expensive than OEM cartridges and refilled cartridges are less expensive again. It is important that the consumer takes care in purchasing cartridges that are not OEM as there may be minor differences, enough to have a negative effect on the quality or function.

There are a number of specialty shops that actually refill depleted printer cartridges, these retailers have the equipment and the various ink formulations that are necessary to meet the original ink standards. When empty cartridges are refilled, there is a considerable amount of waste that is not ending up in a landfill and over time, one can save a lot of money.

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