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Upgrading for Mail Solutions

Upgrading for Mail Solutions

Do you consider yourself a company that bases itself around the mail-order industry? Are you always in need of updated data when it comes to your postal listings, but you have found that your current operating system just is not cutting anymore? Well, now there are a few new IBM mainframe solutions that have become available that are an all-inclusive package that can cover your needs. If you are finding it hard to compile the appropriate data or your systems are in constant need of an update to the information on them then perhaps it is time for a change. That change comes in the form of a brand new operating system that is built from the ground up to assist you in all of your mailing chores.

Several Built-In Utilities Assist In Daily Operations

This new operating system for your mainframe has built in CASS software that can help you update and maintain all of your mailing and address data. It does not only do that, but it can connect directly to the National Address File to make sure that your customer’s home addresses are always up to date and prepared to receive their mail. This particular program also keeps all ZIP+4 and ZIP Codes up to date with any of the latest changes. In an every growing nation, this can become a problem as ZIP codes can change without so much as a hint from the United States Postal Service. The OS also comes built in with the DVS or delivery validation software which will let you know if your mailers are reaching their final destination. This can help you with any undeliverable mailers you have returned. Not only does it do all this but it can ensure that you get the highest possible refunds for presorted mail.

The Time To Update Is Now

For a long time mainframe OS’s have not given you direct control over your postal solutions but now with this new operating system you can pretty much guarantee that everything you need to generate reports stay up to date with logistical data and assistance with deliver scheduling will all be in one place on one mainframe. You should really upgrade as soon as possible to ensure your mail department is working at peak efficiency. The time for upgrading is now, and you cannot afford to take any more losses than you have to. It is what is best for business.

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