Recover Your Data with Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Internet Marketing

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Today, data is the single most important asset for your Grand Rapids, Holland or Jenison, MI, business. You store everything on your network and your workstations, ranging from customer information to payroll to a vendor and product data. If something were to happen to that data, it could be a major issue. Working with a managed IT services provider like IT Partners+ ensures that you have access to backup disaster recovery solutions to help you avoid those issues.

What Are Continuity and Backup Services?

The chances are good that your business already backs up at least some of your data. However, it might go no farther than a tape drive storage locker in your back room. That’s a good first step, but it’s only one of many that you need to take. True disaster prevention requires that you periodically back up your business’ critical data to an off-site location, either a physical location or to a cloud-hosted server. This ensures that if you experience a prolonged power outage, or there is a natural or man-made disaster, your data can still be accessed. At IT Partners+, we deliver essential business backup and disaster recovery solutions.

How does backup disaster recovery work? It’s a multi-tiered approach, at least when you work with a leading managed it services provider, such as IT Partners+. First, we utilize instant virtualization technology to transform your data, and then we store it within a hybrid cloud system that offers local storage, as well as data duplication to the cloud. You gain visual proof of security and backup with screenshot backup verification, which means you never need to wonder if your system backed up or not.

Additionally, you can gain access to your data on the go from anywhere in the world with our instant off-site virtualization service. This ensures that even if your primary business location is flooded or destroyed by fire, your data is still safe, sound and accessible. Of course, there is no need to worry about security, although data theft is at an all-time high. We utilize military grade AES-256 big encryption, making our solution as secure as possible in the modern world. We invite you to learn more about IT Partners+ – brand of Computer Rescue 911, a premier Datto Elite partner.

Ready to learn more about how we can safeguard your business and ensure continuity even in the face of natural disasters? Call IT Partners+ today at 616-828-1010 to learn more about our services and your options.

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