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by | Sep 29, 2015 | Computers

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There are many different ways for you to market your business. Using outdoor LCDs at your business premises is just one of them. Outdoor LCDs are generally seen in cinemas and museums. They are used for relaying information to customers, mainly regarding the availability of tickets and other relevant shows. Outdoor LCDs are very different as compared to ordinary LCDs. For instance, the viewing angles are much greater. You can easily see the LCD even when the sun is shining.

These LCDs are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, thus requiring very little maintenance. There are many different companies that manufacture outdoor LCDs and other related products. One of them is Suntronic LCDs. The company’s products are widely revered and are used by many different organizations. For instance, the company only recently supplied a large-sized LCD to the Kennedy Space Center. It hangs in the Visitor Complex and is mainly used for displaying ticket information. Each day, the LCD is used by thousands of people who visit the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex.

Obviously, outdoor LCD products are considerably more expensive. However, this is generally a one-time purchase. These display monitors are designed to withstand tough atmospheric conditions. If you are using a standard monitor and placing it outdoors, it won’t be long before blowing dust and other atmospheric elements will damage it. It is unlikely that such damage will be covered by your warranty.

Ordering an Outdoor LCD

If you have decided to order an outdoor LCD for your business, the first step is to figure out the size you will need. How big do you want the LCD to be? For example, the LCD that hangs in the Kennedy Space Center isn’t the largest. However, since most people who visit the complex usually walk close to the walls, having a large-sized LCD doesn’t make sense. If the LCD was a much larger size, people would have to stand back at a distance in order to read what’s on the screen. That is one of the main reasons why it isn’t always feasible to buy a huge screen.

After-Sales Service

Before you place an order from any company, it is always wise to ask them about their after-sales service department. What kind of after-sales service does the company offer? What kind of warranty policies do they provide? It is important for you to figure out whether the company offers a comprehensive customer care plan or not. Because this is an electrical product, you never know when it might get damaged. Many companies that sell such LCDs also provide installation and technical support. In case you have any questions, you should be able to call the company’s offices and speak with someone who can help you.

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