MPLS Service Providers – The Benefits of MPLS for Your VPN

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Web development software‎

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MPLS is short for Multi- Protobol Label Switching and is a technique that allows you to put labels on your packets of your network. It works with virtual private networks (VPN) to allow routing of information and network data. It is flexible and helps prevent network and server congestion. MPLS Service Providers can provide you with this technique that will be faster, easier, and more efficient for your business. Veritivity is a provider of MPLS for your VPN. What can you expect from this service?

Faster VPN Alone

Using the Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technique on your virtual private network (VPN) makes your network faster. Since every system is different, a custom solution can be built to meet your business VPN needs. The routing option helps prevent congestion and failure in your VPN which is one of the things that makes it faster.

Firewall Management

You are in more control of your network and how your MPLS operates. You will have access to manage your firewall, your Internet access, and your content filtering in the cloud. That makes it very secure and removes those single points of failure you may have experienced in the past within your network structure.

Cost Effective

Using MPLS for your VPN is also less expensive that standard private IP solutions. It not only costs less to implement, but it also saves you money in the long run. Saving money is healthy for you bottom line.

Less Maintenance

The MPLS technique makes your encryption easier to maintain and it does not need to be configured. Once it is set up, it will work on your VPN setup equipment.

Real Time Benefits

Since most businesses use VoIP, video conferencing, and other forms of real time data, MPLS prevents interruptions and sluggish connections due to the load on the system.

MPLS Service Providers have experts that can help you determine your needs for MLPS and explain how it will specifically benefit your business. Any business using a VPN setup can use this to their advantage. It is also ideal for businesses with two or more VPN setups and multiple branches. MPLS Service Providers at Veritivity will provide you with a free, 30-minute cloud technology consulting session to assess your needs and make good recommendations.

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