How Gravity Forms Analytics Can Help

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Wordpress Data Visualization

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Surveys and questionnaires/quizzes are a fun way to pass the time. Daily polls are usually shorter and can be about your company or anything in general. Customers and potential clients want to have various ways of interacting with you, and your brand and surveys are an excellent way for them to do that.

Plus, these quizzes are helpful to you, as well. You can get a lot of information and feedback by utilising these tools. The thing is you will need to gather and analyse the information once you get it. Gravity Forms analytics can help you do such tasks. Plus, you can use it for almost anything, such as determining how many people attended an event, how many scheduled bookings you had, sales, and much more. You can measure success quickly or find out what improvements are necessary to grow your brand.

When considering Gravity Forms analytics, it’s important to choose the right company with which to work. Such a WordPress extension must allow you to create a visual summary of the form automatically. You should have access to a variety of chart options, such as bar and pie charts. Versatility is also something to consider, as you’ll want to display the results in a variety of ways, such as in posts, on websites, and more.

At GF Chart, their tools are similar to a spreadsheet, meaning it is easy to understand and use. Most people use spreadsheets to keep track of numbers and other information, and this is just another form of the popular program. They also ensure that you get the right calculations based on user information that was captured from the form. Gravity Forms analytics give you the forms and features you need, all while analysing everything and making it easy to understand.

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