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Get The Best Phone For Business Boulder Clients

Get The Best Phone For Business Boulder Clients

Telecommunications today has a lot more options that it did in the past. Thirty years ago the thought of having your phone based on the internet instead of hardwired to the phone company would have been absurd. Especially since, at that time, most of us had to use our phones to even access the internet in the first place. Today, however, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is quickly catching on as an affordable and reliable method of keeping your business in touch with your customers.

When deciding the best way to set up your Phone For Business Boulder has many alternatives. One company, Ceres Technology Group, stands out due to both the variety of services they offer and their willingness to work with each individual client to determine which method is best by providing an initial technological review and consultation for free.

Ceres provides everything from a basic VOIP package from Panosonic that is ideal for small business on a budget to an entire virtualized phone system from Mitel that allows you to save on hardware by significantly reducing the amount of needed server space. They also offer multiple integration solutions from Switchvox.

If the previous paragraph’s terminology is a little confusing, do not worry. The technology review allows Ceres to determine your needs and figure out the best options to use to set up your Phone For Business Boulder customers have found this approach to be the best. It is easier to have a trained professional narrow down the options to two or three than it is to look at a sheet with dozens and dozens of options -;most involving terms that the average business owner does not know off the top of his head.

Ceres Technology Group also has ways of letting your sales staff use their own phones (this is extremely helpful when they are on the road) while still being connected to your phone system. They provide several additional IT services as well and can easily help you integrate your network and take advantage of cloud technology (again, you do not have to be able to understand how it works to be able to use it.)

In closing, taking advantage of Ceres’s free technology review will give you more knowledge about your telecommunications options as well as letting you get some advice on ways to save money.

For more information, visit Cerestech.com.



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