4 Signs You Have Bad Website Design

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Internet Marketing

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Businesses must learn to keep up if they want to stay relevant in the market. One way to do that is to migrate online. However, if your site pages aren’t getting any traffic and have incredibly high bounce rates, that’s not going to get you the consumer interest you want. Here are signs your bad website design is sending all your customers away:

Slow loading of pages

Customers don’t like to wait. If your pages are too heavy and take too long to load, they’re bound to just exit the page and look for help elsewhere, says the Usability Geek. Prevent that by improving your site. With the help of a professional team of website design pros in Woodland Hills CA, you can easily improve your loading speed.

Too many elements

If your site design has too many elements in place, that could make for a cluttered page or design. You might want to streamline the page by taking out a few elements or reducing the images onsite. A website designer can help you figure out which elements can stay and which ones will likely need to go.

Too many goals

The main challenge of most designers is getting their clients to agree on setting one goal per page. Many clients think it’s better to make their pages work harder by setting a ton of goals for a single page. But too many of those goals can mean a confusing, cluttered page. Simplify. That’s something an experienced website design team in Woodland Hills CA will easily understand.


Nothing bothers picky customers more than pixelated images. If you’re using pixelated images on your site, that’s a sign of bad site design and could be why your customers are jumping ship before they even have a chance to see your product pages. Ask pros to help you fix your pages asap.

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