The Popularity of cPanel Shared Hosting

by | Sep 2, 2013 | Web Design

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Some technologies are created by people with perfectly good intentions, but turn out not to meet a meaningful need in the marketplace well enough to actually develop a following. Others, however, catch on so well that they virtually become a standard in themselves. When people go looking for shared hosting plans, they are often specifically looking out for those that use cPanel as the underlying technology. The reason for this is the control and information that it provides to the person running the account.

In a cpanel shared hosting account, the control panel includes a lot of functionality designed to make it extremely easy to manage the domain from anywhere. The webmaster can log in and make changes to domains and create or delete sub-domains as well. It is also possible to manage email, including adding and removing these addresses. For an address that isn’t going to be monitored often, you can even easily add an autoresponder that will send out messages in response to everything that it receives. This can be a good way to set up a box that is only intended for outgoing mail, and automatically sends an alert in response to messages that their comments will not be read.

People who spend a lot of time working on their personal websites are often extremely interested in tracking their statistics. The cPanel tools make it very easy to get a lot of information about who has been visiting your site and when. You can just look on this information as something that reassures you that you aren’t talking to yourself, or you can actually take it and use it to build on the site you already have. If you notice that a lot of people come in from a particular search or originate at a specific page, for example, you’ll have an idea of what is interesting readers most and will likely draw in more of them.

You can get these tools, plus many additional features, by buying a plan through HostingZoom. Their options with this software start at a level cheaper than a good cup of coffee per month, and leave plenty of room for you to decide to pay more for additional space and bandwidth.


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