How to use unmetered vps hosting for your website

by | Aug 20, 2013 | Web Development

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When a potential website owner hears about unmetered vps hosting, several ideas might come to mind. First, how can a data host offer unmetered services? The fact is a data server is charged for the amount of data they send in and out of their servers, so unmetered does not mean unlimited. Second, when a web host is unmetered it usually means the service is unmanaged. The end user will be responsible for limiting access, or deploying services allowed on the site or domain. Third, and most importantly, an unmetered virtual host might have constraints on RAM space and processor time that will prevent you from running task intensive software such as a rendering program, or complex compiler software.

As an end user you will need to review the limitations of your vps web host to assure you are receiving the services you are going to need. If you plan to offer complex services, such as photo editing or rendering 3D images, you are going to need a powerful server to meet your customers needs. A virtual server will be able to meet those needs, but scheduling processor time and RAM space will come at a premium. An unmanaged service might not be the best option for you if your services require extensive hardware access.

Unmanaged services are optimal for a simple web domain, or a basic sales or customer service page. Blogs, reference pages or even a online store would find an unmanaged vps hosting service both cost effective and very useful. If you plan to offer services that might require long processor access and require more than one hundred mega bytes of RAM, unmanaged vps hosting is most likely not for you. Image hosting or product reviews are among the most hardware intensive site recommended for an unmanaged vps.

Storage for your data is one of the cheapest features a server offers. You can store your data with a cloud service, but dispersing that data in a cost effective manner is a different matter altogether.

You will need to find a quality service provider, like, for your deployment needs. Nearly all modern OS’s come with tools to create and publish a site, but you will still need a server to allow users around the world to access your site.


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