Content Curator Tools: What You Need To Know About Content Curation

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Computers

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A content curator is somebody who is earnestly interested in a niche subject and is prepared to share with other people the information he/she gathers. A good content curator also has impressive expertise in information search, retrieval, creation and management. Usually, content curation is a job voluntarily taken up by a person for philanthropic or other purposes. The curator searches the World Wide Web, including social media sites, for opinions, discoveries and breaking news. They collect the information as well as make it available, aiding time poor individuals stay abreast of what’s happening in their area of expertise or interest. The content curator needs to be consistent as regards the specificity and quality of the information he/she collects and disseminates.

Some individuals argue that the job of a curator and that of an editor is similar. Actually, their roles are quite different. Generally, an editor’s duty is broad and involves revising creative work. This can comprise changing the arrangement of the information or removing components of the material entirely. In contrast, the job of a content curator is to gather information. They might revise titles, add images, or connect pertinent material via links, however their main task is to look for new content or information and make it available in one place. To perform this important task effectively, there is need for content curator tools.

Since the most essential aspect of the curator’s task is data collection, the biggest challenge is locating new data about the topic of the collection. Happily, search engines like Bing and Google allow quick access to the most recent stories via alerts and news. This ensures that the data is collected promptly and shared with other people on the Web whilst the information is fresh and still relevant.

You may actually be carrying out the functions of a curator every day and not even be aware of it. If you utilize Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, CurationSoft and other content curator tools or software to follow certain discussions or types of individuals on Twitter, then you are actually carrying out the functions of a curator. Several individuals also work as content curators when they publish collected information on their blogs or when they share images on Pinterest.

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